The Committee


The Club holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January each year. At the January 2019 meeting, the following people were voted into the Committee:


Club Chairperson:                    Alan Ross

Club President:                         Robert Myler

Club Vice President: Lee Reid

Head Coach:                   Robert Myler

Head Adult Coach: Ross Crombie

Head Junior Coach:                 Lee Reid

Club Secretary:                         Martin Gavigan

Club Treasurer:                         Stuart Leith

Welfare Officers:                     Brian Shankland and Kate Higgins

Communications Officer:    Lisa McCann

Social Convener:                      Fiona McFarlane


There are also opportunities for people to get involved in a range of other roles as volunteers from adult helpers at the junior and youth sessions to contributing to the organisation and running of club events. We love it when people help us to run the various club activities, so please consider volunteering  with us as well as taking part in training sessions and events.