Robert Myler

Name and role

Robert Myler - Club President & Head Coach 

Coaching Experience and Qualifications

I have been coaching people for over 30 years within the business sector and after watching an Ironman YouTube video and watching the ones who finished close to the cut off time I was inspired by many of their life stories and their journey which got them to the starting line and decided to see if it was possible that I could transfer my skills to coaching people within this inspiring sport. 

Why do you do triathlons?

I race at Triathlon because it allows me to race at 3 different sports in the same day. It’s like going back to school race day where you had entered into taking part in a few separate races. 

I love our sport as I have got to meet so many people who have had challenges to overcome to be able to complete a triathlon race and made many friends along the way because Triathlon is such an inclusive sport we’re you are able to race along people who have worked just as hard as you to get where they are in their race career and on another note you could be racing alongside world champions who you would normally only see on the telly! I challenge anyone to name a sport where this happens every week!

Why should people join us at GTC?

There are no airs or graces at GTC we have a huge mix of World & European qualifiers to total beginners. All of them are here to support each other no matter what your goal is. You will NEVER feel out of your depth in this family-oriented club.

role as a coach

My role as head coach is to keep our sessions fresh and non-repetitive, this I try to achieve by keeping our coaches up to date with the latest training courses. 

Favourite discipline

My favourite Triathlon discipline is running. This is where I am in my most comfortable zone. I love going out into the trails and just getting lost in the country side (literally!) 

Favourite event

My favourite event was Barcelona 70.3 Ironman. The fact it was cheap to get flights & accommodation and that several of my fellow club members raced at this event so it was great to support each other. The blue skies and sunshine helped too.