Ross crombie

Name and role

Ross Crombie, Head Adult Coach

Coaching Experience and Qualifications

I have a BSc honours in physiology and sports science

An HNC in sport and exercise science 

Tri scotland strength and conditioning CPD

UKSAC associate member

UKAD accredited advisor (uk anti doping) 

Working towards UKSAC (strength and conditioning qualification)

Level 2 tri scotland (working towards diploma) 

Tri Scotland local technical official (working towards regional technical official) 

Been coaching for approximately 3years at the club.

Why do you do triathlons?

I do triathlons as I want to be a role model for my children and family. There are so many exciting variations of the sport to chose from. Sprints all the way to ironman for each person to test them self against. You can chose your preferred distance and focus on that. The sport is so rewarding, you see so many people achieve things they never thought possible. It improved my life and have seen the sport improve so many other peoples lives. It really helps injury prevention too as all 3 disciplines help to strengthen your body overall.

Why should people join us at GTC?

GTC is very welcoming and embraces all types of people, from someone swimming one length of a pool to experienced endurance focused people looking for podiums and age group success. Our club Moto is a wee club with a big heart. No one will feel out of place. 

role as a coach

I’m the head adult coach and responsible for scoping out the focus of the sessions over phases of the season. I design the sessions and organise the other adult coaches to lead sessions. I’m qualified to lead strength and conditioning classes which is a big focus during the winter. 

Favourite discipline

I love long distance endurance events especially ironman as it really pushes me to my limits. I prefer running as I’ve done this from a young age and have better running results vs others of similar age. I love cross country running and especially cross country ultras, it allows you to explore some beautiful places across Scotland. 

Favourite event

I loved ironman wales, it’s tough but the atmosphere is outstanding. The welsh people are so nice and encourage you throughout the tough run route. The whole of Tenby gets behind you. I’d highly recommend this event to all to do or aspire to do.